How To TikiWiki

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Question: Can I contribute without being logged in?
Answer  No. You can leave anonymous messages in the Shoutbox but you cannot edit anything.
Question: What is the best way to start this Wiki thing?
Answer  That depends on your character. Some people learn by doing it and making mistakes, other people study the FAQ or even more before they start.
A good way to see how things work is to look at pages and click 'edit' just to see how they were made.
For a quick start, go to our WikiEditingGuide.
Question: Are there any other ways to prepare, before editing?
Answer  Every page has a history so you can see who did what and when. Just click on View History to get an idea of what's already been done.
You can also read the Bugs FAQ to see what this is all about.
To practice things, try the SandBox.
Question: How can I start editing a existing page?
Answer  Make sure you are (still) logged in. If you are not logged in, you will soon find out all your work was done in vain and there is no way back.
Go to the page you want to edit. Then click on the word Edit at the bottom of the page or on the image of a notebook and pencil.

Question: In what ways can I edit the text?
Answer  You can simply add plain text by typing it.
For 'fancy' things like links, colors, images, and so on, tags are used.
The easiest to use are the quicklinks, but you can also do it by hand.
A quick reference to the Wiki-tag system is available at the bottom of a Wiki page. Click Wiki Quick Help to view it.

Question: I have too many pictures to add at once, is there a shorter way?
Answer  You can upload pictures through our ftp. server:
login: wiki at
password: wiki :-)
On the page you'll still need to enter the code, but it will save you the trouble of uploading all pictures one at a time.

Question: How can I make text colored?
Answer  Use the color quicklink or the color tags. To find the HTML color codes, search the world wide web. For instance

Question: How can I make lists?
Answer  Stars make bullet lists, # makes numbered lists.
Question: Can I copy the way things look on other pages on the site?
Answer  Yes, of course. If you see something you like, just hit Edit and look how it's done.
Then copy that to the place you want to have it and adjust it there.
Question: How can I make tables?
Answer  The easiest way is to copy one from another page and adjust it to your means.
Question: Why would I fill in the 'comment' field?
Answer  In the Comment Field you can write down what you changed or contributed.
That will make it clear for all future contributors, so there won't be misunderstandings.
Also, it's easier to read what has changed than to find out by comparing.
Please spare a bit of your time to fill the comment field each time you change something.
Question: How do I save my changes?
Answer  Once you've made your changes, click Preview to make sure it looks ok.
Then click Save.

Question: How can I link to another page on the site?
Answer  If you put a word between (())'s, it will become a link to another page. It's called a wikilink.

Question: How can I prevent a name from being seen as a link?
Answer  You can prevent a name from being converted into a page by placing )) and (('s around it.

Question: How can I link to another website?
Answer  Put square brackets [] around the address. Don't forget the http:// part.
Question: How can I make a link look like a description instead of the real address?
Answer  Use |. That will only show the part after the | while it leads to the part before it.
Question: How can I make a new page?
Answer  First, make a wikilink to it from an existing page. Or find one by using the Search function to see if it already exists.
Links to pages that don't exist yet end with a question mark. By clicking that you can create the page. Don't forget to save.
For content inspiration, look at similar pages and compare or copy. For links to add, use the Pearl Jam Portal (cache).

Question: How do I make a new page with a template?
Answer  Right now we have templates for country pages and for tour date pages.
In editing mode, choose Apply Template and save it before editing the page any further. Otherwise your changes to the basic template are ignored.

Question: Why would I categorize a page?
Answer  Categorizing makes everything easier to find.
Question: How do I categorize a page?
Answer  While you are editing, choose Show Categories. Then click on the category of your choice.
Mark the Categorize This Object field.
Question: Can I place a page in more than one category?
Answer  Yes. Hold the Ctrl button while you click on the categories of your choice.
Question: How can I add an image to the T-shirt Archive?
Answer  It's the same way as adding pictures (question 6). Through ftp you can upload the picture in the right directory.
Make sure you put a thumbnail picture on the site, leading to the bigger picture behind it.
You can also send pictures to Mirella's gmail address: mirellav AT
Question: Where can I read more about Wiki's possibilities?
Question: How can I make a split screen?
Answer  Start with SPLIT() between { and }, then add the content with --- between both parts (left above, right below). Close with SPLIT, again between { and }.


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MireilleBouquet, 00:01 BST, Tue 13 of Apr, 2010: Hi, new here. Just registered, but I can't see anything like an edit button mentioned below or create a userpage :-(
amus, 09:41 GMT, Wed 13 of Jan, 2010: i need tickets for: england, holland, germany, and france i m from indonesia, ill be touring europe for pearl jam this year.
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