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Question: What is the Bugs website?
Answer  This website is being built to 'complement' the Bugs mailing list (cache)

The mailing list will always be at the heart of Bugs, but the website lets us do so much more.
Question: What makes the Bugs site different?
Answer  The site has been built around a wiki. What is a wiki? It's a website that can be edited by the people who visit it. The most famous example of a wiki is probably Wikipedia (cache) which is an online encyclopedia.

The main reason we decided to use a wiki is that it lets everyone take part in building and maintaining the site. A mailing list is nothing without the people who post to it, and the Bugs list has grown into a great community over the years, so it seemed crazy to have only 2-3 people design a website to represent the whole mailing list.
Question: Where is all the content?
Answer  I could ask you the same question. ;) Originally the plan was to finish the majority of the site and then make it available for everyone to maintain it (and of course add to it). Well that was taking too long, and it also meant that there would be very little discussion on how the site should be.

Right now the site doesn't have much to look at but we have a huge number of ideas that will be implemented. If you see something that you could improve, then change it. If there is something that you think would improve the site then let us know! :-)
Question: How can I help?
Answer  There are so many ways to contribute to the site that there is no excuse if you do nothing. ;)

Within the wiki (i.e. the majority of the Bugs website) you can add pages for anything you want. Of course if we all just add random pages then the site will be impossible to use, so here are some suggestions that we already started but need help to complete:

1. Past Shows
Although many other sites have excellent resources for information on previous tours (I'm thinking Five Horizons but I'm sure there are others) there is still space for a more 'personal' memory of those shows. Here we have started to list the shows and link them to the cities they were in, the people who were there, any memories that stand out, etc. So if you notice that there is no page for the show you were at, then maybe you are the ideal person to add that page!

2. Country Homepages
One of the first (and easiest) things that we want to do is to create 'homepages' for all our home countries. The country pages can contain anything you like - links to past Pearl Jam shows, the cities that they played in, the Bugs members that live there... anything! There is no fixed structure to these pages so you can add anything you think might be interesting or useful. You can be sure that if you do something different for your country page then the rest of us will probably steal the idea for our own country. ;)

3. ))UserPages((
Everyone who registers here gets their own ))UserPage((. This is a wiki page that is yours and yours alone - everyone can read it but only you can edit it. You can use it for anything you like, but some suggestions might be tour memories, photos, or maybe just information about yourself. Once you create a ))UserPage(( you might want to add a link to it on the shows that you were at.
Question: But I don't know HTML!
Answer  That's ok, neither do I! ;) HTML can't be used here (for security reasons mainly) so it might take a little while to get used to it. It's very very easy though. There are a few links to pages that show what can be done with wiki pages here: UserPagemartin

Give it a try. It's no more difficult than posting to a forum. Just click Edit on any wiki page to see what it looks like.
Question: What if I make a mistake when I edit a page?
Answer  No problem. You can edit again to fix it, or maybe someone else will see it and fix it for you.

Just remember there is a Preview button so you can see how your page looks before you click Save.
Question: What if I delete something accidentally?
Answer  We will notify the authorities and you will be punished appropriately.

Okay, not really. :-) Each page has a history of all the changes that are made to it, so if something is incorrect or you accidentally delete some text then there is no panic, we can always go back to the previous version.
Question: Why am I still here reading a FAQ when I could be adding pages?
Answer  Just what I was thinking. ;)
Question: I have a great idea for a new part of this site. Can I add it?
Answer  Yes, of course! Thanks! Make sure it doesn't already exist. You can easily find everything with the search function. Also, make sure you place it in the most appropriate section.
Question: Are there any restrictions on what to add to the site?
Answer  Yes, don't copy material from other sites, unless it's your own. We want to keep this as original as possible. This includes pictures. Of course, things like setlists and lyrics are 'facts', so it's impossible to make that original. Just don't steal.
Question: How can I make my own Userpage?
Answer  1. Go to ))MyTiki(( on the left of your screen. Halfway the page of your preferences you will find 'userpage...' (with your name on the dots) and next to that 'edit'. Hit 'edit'.

2. You can add anything you like, like an introduction, a picture, links, lists of concerts you visited. Just take a look at other people's Userpage for inspiration or how to do things. You can also read about userpages first.

3. Categorize it: click on 'show categories' and choose 'Buggers>Userpages'.

4. If you're ready, try and look at the preview first to see what it looks like.

5. Save your Userpage before you leave it.


MireilleBouquet, 22:53 BST, Thu 15 of Apr, 2010: It works *__* Thank you so much! :-)
System Administrator, 08:50 BST, Thu 15 of Apr, 2010: Hi Mireille. :-) The site had an 'upgrade problem' which is now fixed. Edit buttons and userpages should be working again. Please let me know if they aren't!
MireilleBouquet, 00:01 BST, Tue 13 of Apr, 2010: Hi, new here. Just registered, but I can't see anything like an edit button mentioned below or create a userpage :-(
amus, 09:41 GMT, Wed 13 of Jan, 2010: i need tickets for: england, holland, germany, and france i m from indonesia, ill be touring europe for pearl jam this year.
System Administrator, 22:56 GMT, Sun 10 of Jan, 2010: Hans has the same problem. Seems to be a permissions problem which I'm still looking for. :/

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