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can we show the amount of people watching the site? Mirella not a problem but I was just wondering
links can't be colored Mirella they stay black when coloring a sentence is there an option to change this?
bugs info has disappeared martin If you go to MyTiki>Preferences there used to be a bunch of Bugs-specific information which has now disappeared. This is because we upgraded to the latest version of the wiki software and have (temporarily) lost our Bugs-specific stuff... I'm working on it ;) Mirella I miss this one see above, I hope rolleyes


MireilleBouquet, 22:53 BST, Thu 15 of Apr, 2010: It works *__* Thank you so much! :-)
System Administrator, 08:50 BST, Thu 15 of Apr, 2010: Hi Mireille. :-) The site had an 'upgrade problem' which is now fixed. Edit buttons and userpages should be working again. Please let me know if they aren't!
MireilleBouquet, 00:01 BST, Tue 13 of Apr, 2010: Hi, new here. Just registered, but I can't see anything like an edit button mentioned below or create a userpage :-(
amus, 09:41 GMT, Wed 13 of Jan, 2010: i need tickets for: england, holland, germany, and france i m from indonesia, ill be touring europe for pearl jam this year.
System Administrator, 22:56 GMT, Sun 10 of Jan, 2010: Hans has the same problem. Seems to be a permissions problem which I'm still looking for. :/

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