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Over the 15+ years Pearl Jam has been around, they have released many T-shirts and other articles of clothing at shows, stores, and through the Ten Club. These shirts have been unique and creative, and have had many different designs. The purpose of this archive is to display many of the shirts released by the band over the years, but also the shirts made by fans and fan groups, bootleg shirts and other related ones. There are no shirts for sale here, this is only a display.

Before this, the T-shirt Archive was on the The Sky I Scrape site. They stopped publishing it, so we could have it. Let's all make it alive again and keep it updated!

For a good article about Pearl Jam related shirts with some unique pictures, visit Two Feet Thick and read their 'artifactor' Been There, Done That Got The T-Shirt (cache).

If you like the posters designs by Ames Bros: they have T-shirts on their site (cache) as well.


Where To Buy

The first places you should look if you want to buy PJ clothing, besides at concerts, are the 10 Club and Pearl Jam Direct.
If you are interested in purchasing one of the older shirts, your best bet is usually to look in small collector record stores or at (metal) fairs, and on Ebay for out of print shirts.

Submit A Shirt

This archive is in no way complete. If you have a PJ shirt not listed here, it would be awesome if you could scan it/take a picture of it and submit it to the site. If submitting is too difficult, please send it to Mirella's gmail address: mirellav at gmail.com. Thanks a lot!
To try it yourself, check out the short manual How to submit a shirt pic.

Thanks A Million To

Adam Frucci (of the former Pearl Jam Netwerk site) for the initial design and maintenance up through July 2001. Jess Gates (cache), who took many of the images in this feature. You rock Jess! Also, thanks a ton to 5h for the Mr. Point and black Maui shirt scans, Issac Powell for the WMA shirt, Natalie Hart for the VHC shirt, Laurie Williams for the 3 Fish 2 shirt, Jonas for the Riot Act shirt, Jeff for the Showbox shirt, Mike ))McCarty(( for the Brad 97 Tour Shirt, Ben Hosie for the Vitalogy tour shirts and more Rhino, Pedro Boga for the first South American tour shirts, JE Duncan for another batch of relatively new shirts, Marco for the keyhold shirt, Troy Tyson for the PJ hoodie, Debra for her son's baby 'shirt', Goncho for two more SA shirts, Adam for the Bugs 2000 shirt, Rodigo Coriolano for some very good quality South American tour shirt pictures, Carolien for the European tour No Code shirt, Robert for the early Mookie Blaylock shirt, Chris for the Astoria shirt, Uru for the pictures and the design of the Bugs 2006 shirt, and Gerry for the MSG shirt and the Mr Potatohead shirt.

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