How to submit a shirt pic


Adding pictures to this site is usually just a matter of selecting the right picture and placing it into the 'add picture' field while you are editing.

We could do the same for the shirts but we chose to have them all stored together, sorted in album/tour folders.

So, in short, you will have to add some code eek that leads to the right place in our picture folders. But let's start at the start rolleyes...

The easy way

If you don't like to mess with codes just send your pictures to Mirella's gmail address: mirellav AT But it's not that difficult so you could give it a try.

Step by step manual

Make sure you have one or more good pictures of a shirt or another item.

Give the the files clear names, like: alivefront, aliveback, alivedetail.

Make a thumbnail of each file, like: alivefront_t, aliveback_t, alivedetail_t.
For thumbnails you can use software like Irfanview.
The latest size I used was 200 x 200 pixels.

Send us all files by ftp and remember the names.

Our ftp can be reached at
login name wiki @ (without the space inbetween)
password wiki

Go to shirts and upload the pics to the right album/tour folder.

Come to the Bugs site and go to the right page in the T-shirt Archive.
Click edit for the album/tour shirt page you want to add the pics to.

Go to the bottom of the page and type the title after an exclamation mark (!)
It will then also show up in the index on top.

Leave a line blank.

8. Enter the code with the right picture names (see example)

Look at 'show example' if it looks right (if not, try again)



Ten Tour Alive Shirt

Image Image

For this example we had the pictures alive-front.jpg and alive-back.jpg and the thumbnails alive-front-t.jpg and alive-back-t.jpg.

They were uploaded to the ten folder on our ftp.

The text for the title Ten Tour Alive Shirt was typed like !Ten Tour Alive Shirt so it became a chapter.

The code is typed inbetween {}'s and looks like this for the front:

img src=img/wiki_up//shirts/ten/alive-front-t.jpg link=img/wiki_up//shirts/ten/alive-front.jpg

and like this for the back:

img src=img/wiki_up//shirts/ten/alive-back-t.jpg link=img/wiki_up//shirts/ten/alive-back.jpg

So it shows the thumbnail on the site and makes it a link to the original picture.
In other words: if people click the thumbnail they can see the original.

You can copy the code from this manual and adjust it for your pictures, or copy it from another shirt on the site you are editing and then adjust it.


For Pearl Jam pictures, look at pictures, to read more about ftp and file sharing in general, look at file sharing.
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