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How it got started, or: the database

This project was created in November '95, after the idea of Mirella from the (now defunct) Dutch Pearl Jam fanclub. Mirella, expecting Pearl Jam to do a big European Tour in 1996, promoted the idea of revealing which die-hard fans on the net have the intention to tour with the band, to go to some shows, to welcome foreign fans at their home towns or countries, to whatever...
She gathered the information of Pearl Jam fans in a database, and everybody came together in a mailinglist called Bugs. She talked to her Portuguese friend José Manuel who liked the idea and offered to make a homepage for it.
From the start it was a very international group of people, with a focus on Europe. There were many other mailinglists around at that time, most of them with mainly English speaking members.
It worked: through the years people met at Pearl Jam concerts and elsewhere, helped each other getting tickets for concerts or other Pearl Jam things and information, and many people became good friends.
Bugs is still open to every single Pearl Jam fan around the world!

The Mailing List

The database has a mailing list. Edo Engel, another Dutch fella', made its script and Release (cache) Fanzine's Ramon Giorgi named it BUGS! (one of our favourite songs from Vitalogy...)
The list was later administered by Evert Arckens (Belgium) and by Markus Mitterhofer (Italy). Nowadays it's in the safe hands of Martin, with help from Markus and Mirella and Simon Cripps (England).

The Bugs Mailing list is a closed list (though everyone is welcome), where you will find everyone in the database. With 'closed' we mean that everyone is known by name, and only members can read the messages.
It was the first European based Pearl Jam mailing list. You will be sure to get the info you need in time.

For practical information and self help, look at the Bugs Mailing Lists page.

The Webpages


This website 

contains all sorts of info about the Bugs members; where they live, their email addresses, birthdates, photo's etc. We also try to keep track of the news, tourdates, and other essential information that's good to know where you have it. What's more, there's info on how to chat with your fellow "Buggers", how to make your own Bugs T-shirt and god knows what else that you can't live without.
Until September 2000 the pages were designed and maintained by Jonas Frankki (Sweden), with great help from Hans Nelisse (Netherlands), who developed the software to convert our database into html. Ronan O'brien (Ireland) provided the server space. From 2000 on Mirella tried to maintain the site, but due to various personal reasons it disappeared from the world wide web for a while. With the continuous enthusiasm of Martin Meldrum (Scotland) we are working on this relatively new site, with the possibility to be maintained by all Bugs People , or 'Buggers'. Rita Tojeiro (Portugal) came up with the website name Igotbugs.


On Bugsfotos (cache) we share our pictures. There are also possibilities to add comments or notes.

Bugs Pearl Jam Portal

This (cache) is a site on which we try to contain as many Pearl Jam links as possible. Right now, more than 1,000 links are collected. Eventually they should all be incorporated into the Bugs site as well.

The People

No Bugs without Bugs People!!!

Bugs Statistics

Bugs Statistics


If you miss anything, just ask, or add it here!


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